Galactose oxidase-like, Early set domain (IPR015202)

Short name: GO-like_E_set

Overlapping homologous superfamilies

Domain relationships



E or 'early' set domains are associated with the catalytic domain of galactose oxidase at the C-terminal end. Galactose oxidase is an extracellular monomeric enzyme which catalyzes the stereospecific oxidation of a broad range of primary alcohol substrates, and possesses a unique mononuclear copper site essential for catalyzing a two-electron transfer reaction during the oxidation of primary alcohols to corresponding aldehydes. The second redox active centre necessary for the reaction was found to be situated at a tyrosine residue. The C-terminal domain of galactose oxidase may be related to the immunoglobulin and/or fibronectin type III superfamilies. These domains are associated with different types of catalytic domains at either the N-terminal or C-terminal end, and may be involved in homodimeric/tetrameric/dodecameric interactions. Members of this family include members of the alpha amylase family, sialidase, galactose oxidase, cellulase, cellulose, hyaluronate lyase, chitobiase, and chitinase, among others [PMID: 11923309, PMID: 10825529, PMID: 12530525, PMID: 15239382, PMID: 8182749].

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