Haemadin (IPR015150)

Short name: Haemadin

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Members of this family adopt a secondary structure consisting of five short beta-strands (beta1-beta5), which are arranged in two antiparallel distorted sheets formed by strands beta1-beta4-beta5 and beta2-beta3 facing each other. This beta-sandwich is stabilised by six enclosed cysteines arranged in a [1-2, 3-5, 4-6] disulphide pairing resulting in a disulphide-rich hydrophobic core that is largely inaccessible to bulk solvent. The close proximity of disulphide bonds [3-5] and [4-6] organises haemadin into four distinct loops. The N-terminal segment of this domain binds to the active site of thrombin, inhibiting it [PMID: 11060016].

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