DNA fragmentation factor 45kDa, middle domain (IPR015121)

Short name: DNA_fragmentation_mid_dom

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The C-terminal region of DNA fragmentation factor 45 kDa (DFF-C) consists of four alpha-helices, which are folded in a helix-packing arrangement, with alpha-2 and alpha-3 packing against a long C-terminal helix (alpha-4) [PMID: 12144788]. The main function of this region is the inhibition of DFF40 by binding to its C-terminal catalytic domain through ionic interactions, thereby inhibiting the fragmentation of DNA in the apoptotic process. In addition to blocking the DNase activity of DFF40, the C-terminal region of DFF45 is also important for the DFF40-specific folding chaperone activity, as demonstrated by the ability of DFF45 to refold DFF40 [PMID: 12144788].

This entry identifies the middle section of DNA fragmentation factor 45 and spans part of the C-terminal four helical domain.

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