Nucleoporin, Nup133/Nup155-like, N-terminal (IPR014908)

Short name: Nucleoporin_Nup133/Nup155_N

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Nucleoporins are the main components of the nuclear pore complex (NPC) in eukaryotic cells, and mediate bidirectional nucleocytoplasmic transport, especially of mRNA and proteins. RNA undergoing nuclear export first encounters the basket of the nuclear pore and many nucleoporins are accessible on the basket side of the pore [PMID: 10191094, PMID: 11684705].

This entry represents the N-terminal domain of nucleoporin 133 (Nup133) and other nucleoporins, including Nup155, Nup15 and Nup170. It forms a seven-bladed beta propeller structure [PMID: 15557116].

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