Transcription factor DP, C-terminal (IPR014889)

Short name: Transc_factor_DP_C

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The transcription factor DP (dimerization partner) forms a heterodimer with E2F and regulates genes involved in cell cycle progression. The transcriptional activity of E2F is inhibited by the retinoblastoma protein which binds to the E2F-DP heterodimer [PMID: 16360038] and negatively regulates the G1-S transition.

Though originally the role of DP in transcriptional activation was thought to be facilitating the binding of E2F to target DNA, it was latter shown that the C-terminal acidic region of DP1 binds strongly to the PH domain of p62 of TFIIH. and acts as a transactivation domain [PMID: 27825926].

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