dUTPase/dCTP pyrophosphatase (IPR014871)

Short name: dUTPase/dCTP_pyrophosphatase

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This entry represents dimeric deoxyuridine triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase (dUTPase) (EC: and phage T4 dCTP pyrophosphatase (EC: dUTPase catalyses the hydrolysis of dUTP to dUMP and pyrophosphate. There are several classes of dUTPases: trimeric dUTPases found in most organisms and homologous monomeric dUTPases, found in mammalian herpesviruses. The dUTPases in this entry belong to a third class of dUTPases that form a dimer in solution and are able to hydrolyse both dUTP and dUDP [PMID: 11420444]. It contains a novel all-alpha fold that is unrelated to the all-beta fold found in dUTPases of the majority of organisms [PMID: 15364583].

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