Phosphoserine phosphatase RsbU, N-terminal (IPR014787)

Short name: PSer_Pase_RsbU_N

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The phosphoserine phosphatase RsbU acts as a positive regulator of the general stress-response factor of Gram-positive organisms, sigma-B. RsbU dephosphorylates rsbV in response to environmental stress conveyed from the rsbXST module. The phosphatase activity of RsbU is stimulated during the stress response by associating with the RsbT kinase. This association leads to the induction of sigmaB activity. The N-terminal domain forms a helix-swapped dimer that is otherwise similar to the KaiA domain dimer. Deletions in the N-terminal domain are deleterious to the activity of RsbU. The C-terminal domain of RsbU is similar to the catalytic domains of PP2C-type phosphatases [PMID: 15263010].

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