Homologous Superfamily

Transposase, Tn5-like, core (IPR014736)

Short name: Transposase_Tn5-like_core

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This superfamily represents the central core domain of Tn5-type transposase proteins. Prokaryotic Tn5 transposase makes two types of DNA contacts (cis-contacts for DNA recognition and trans-contacts for catalysis) as well as protein-protein contacts [PMID: 15102449]. Tn5 transposase employs two cations at its active site during catalysis, which cause conformational changes in the bound DNA and which are required for transposition [PMID: 11896402]. Tn5 transposase has a RnaseH-type alpha/beta/alpha fold. The central core domain has an alpha/beta complex structure.

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