Double-stranded RNA-binding domain (IPR014720)

Short name: dsRBD_dom

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In contrast to other RNA-binding domains, the about 65 amino acids long dsRBD domain [PMID: 1438302, PMID: 8036511, PMID: 7972084] has been found in a number of proteins that specifically recognise double-stranded RNAs. The dsRBD domain is also known as DSRM (Double-Stranded RNA-binding Motif). dsRBD proteins are mainly involved in posttranscriptional gene regulation, for example by preventing the expression of proteins or by mediating RNAs localization. This domain is also found in RNA editing proteins. Interaction of the dsRBD with RNA is unlikely to involve the recognition of specific sequences [PMID: 1357546, PMID: 7527340, PMID: 8127710]. Nevertheless, multiple dsRBDs may be able to act in combination to recognise the secondary structure of specific RNAs (i.e. Staufen) [PMID: 1438302]. NMR analysis of the third dsRBD of Drosophila Staufen have revealed an alpha-beta-beta-beta-alpha structure [PMID: 7628456].

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