Homologous Superfamily

Translation elongation factor EF1B/ribosomal protein S6 (IPR014717)

Short name: Transl_elong_EF1B/ribosomal_S6

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An alpha+beta sandwich domain with a Ferredoxin-like fold can be found in the beta chain of the translation elongation factor EF1B [PMID: 11106763], and in the ribosomal protein S6 from the small subunit [PMID: 10753109].

Elongation factor EF1B (also known as EF-Ts or EF-1beta/gamma/delta) is a nucleotide exchange factor that is required to regenerate EF1A from its inactive form (EF1A-GDP) to its active form (EF1A-GTP). EF1A is then ready to interact with a new aminoacyl-tRNA to begin the cycle again. EF1B is more complex in eukaryotes than in bacteria, and can consist of three subunits: EF1B-alpha (or EF-1beta), EF1B-gamma (or EF-1gamma) and EF1B-beta (or EF-1delta) [PMID: 12762045].

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