DNA-binding protein from starved cells-like (IPR014490)

Short name: Dps-like

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The initial member of this family to be characterised was described as a DNA-binding protein from starved cells-like (Dps-like) protein, from the hyperthermophilic acidophile Sulfolobus solfataricus [PMID: 16024730]. The protein was shown to share high sequence similarity with hypothetical proteins in other archaeal and bacterial genomes, several of which form a monophyletic cluster within the broad superfamily of ferritin-like diiron-carboxylate proteins, which are non-haem iron storage proteins [PMID: 12730463].

The S. solfataricus Dps-like protein has been shown to self-assemble into a hollow dodecameric protein cage having tetrahedral symmetry, which uses H2O2 to oxidize Fe(II) to Fe(III), storing the oxide as a mineral core on the interior surface of the protein cage. It may be involved in the mitigation of oxidative damage [PMID: 16024730].

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