Cell division coordinator CpoB, C-terminal (IPR014162)

Short name: CpoB_C

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Members of this protein family are the product of one of seven genes regularly clustered in operons to encode the proteins of the tol-pal system, which is critical for maintaining the integrity of the bacterial outer membrane. The gene for this periplasmic protein has been designated orf2 and ybgF, which is then renamed CpoB (Coordinator of PG synthesis and OM constriction, associated with PBP1B). All members of the seed alignment were from unique tol-pal gene regions from completed bacterial genomes. The architecture of this protein is a signal sequence, a low-complexity region usually rich in Asn and Gln, and a well-conserved region with tandem repeats that resemble the tetratricopeptide (TPR) repeat, involved in protein-protein interaction [PMID: 16207916].

Escherichia CpoB coordinates PBP1B and the Tol machines to maintain cell envelope integrity during division [PMID: 25951518].

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