DeoR C-terminal sensor domain (IPR014036)

Short name: DeoR_C

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DeoR-like transcription repressors occur in diverse bacteria as regulators of sugar and nucleoside metabolic systems. The effector molecules for DeoR-like regulators are generally phosphorylated intermediates of the relevant metabolic pathway.

The C-terminal sensor domain of DeoR-like transcription repressors represents a catalytically inactive version of the ISOCOT fold, but retains the substrate binding site [PMID: 16376935]. This sensor domain binds the inducer and often acts as an oligomerisation domain. It senses diverse sugar derivatives such as deoxyribose nucleoside (in the case of DeoR), tagatose phosphate (LacR), galactosamine (AgaR), myo-inositol (Bacillus IolR) and L-ascorbate (UlaR) [PMID: 18844374].

It is worth noting that the DeoR in this entry is represented by the protein, UniProt P0ACK5, from E. coli. Not the DeoR, UniProt P39140, from Bacillus subtilis. Despite sharing the same name, these two proteins do not share protein sequence similarity [PMID: 10714997].

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