Auxin efflux carrier, plant type (IPR014024)

Short name: Auxin_eff_plant

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This entry is mostly composed of known or predicted PIN proteins from plants, though some homologous prokaryotic proteins are also included. The PIN proteins are components of auxin efflux systems from plants. These carriers are saturable, auxin-specific, and localized to the basal ends of auxin transport-competent cells [PMID: 16054428, PMID: 15564124]. Plants typically posses several of these proteins, each displaying a unique tissue-specific expression pattern. They are expressed in almost all plant tissues including vascular tissues and roots, and influence many processes including the establishment of embryonic polarity, plant growth, apical hook formation in seedlings and the photo- and gravitrophic responses. These plant proteins are typically 600-700 amino acyl residues long and exhibit 8-12 transmembrane segments.

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