Development/cell death domain (IPR013989)

Short name: Dev_and_cell_death_domain

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The DCD (Development and Cell Death) domain is found in plant proteins involved in development and cell death. The DCD domain is an ~130 amino acid long stretch that contains several mostly invariable motifs. These include a FGLP and a LFL motif at the N terminus and a PAQV and a PLxE motif towards the C terminus of the domain. The DCD domain is present in proteins with different architectures. Some of these proteins contain additional recognizable motifs, like the KELCH repeats or the ParB domain [PMID: 16008837]. Biological studies indicate a role of these proteins in phytohormone response, embryo development and programmed cell death by pathogens or ozone.

The predicted secondary structure of the DCD domain is mostly composed of beta strands and confined by an alpha-helix at the N- and at the C terminus [PMID: 16008837].

Proteins known to contain a DCD domain are listed below:

  • Carrot B2 protein.
  • Pea Gda-1 protein.
  • Soybean N-rich protein (NRP).

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