Homologous Superfamily

DExx box DNA helicase domain superfamily (IPR013986)

Short name: DExx_box_DNA_helicase_dom_sf

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This domain superfamily is found in DExx type DNA helicases, such as the hexameric essential helicases PcrA from Gram-positive bacteria and Rep and UvrD from Gram-negative bacteria [PMID: 12065426]. PcrA is essential for cell growth in Bacillus species, as it is required for rolling circle replication, unwinding DNA using an active inchworm mechanism [PMID: 17574572]. UvrD from Escherichia coli is a superfamily 1 (SF1) helicase involved in several DNA metabolic processes, including recombination and repair [PMID: 17499041], while Rep affects the rate of replication fork progression in E. coli and is required for the replication of certain phages [PMID: 16236131]. The domain is also found in the exodeoxyribonuclease V gamma chain, which has a wide variety of catalytic activities including ATP-dependent exonuclease, ATP-stimulated endonuclease, ATP-dependent helicase and DNA-dependent ATPase activities.

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