TRAPP II complex, Trs120 (IPR013935)

Short name: TRAPP_II_complex_Trs120

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The trafficking protein particle complex TRAPP is a multi-protein complex needed in the early stages of the secretory pathway. To date, two kinds of TRAPP complexes have been studied, TRAPPI and TRAPP II. These complexes differ in subunit composition [PMID: 11239471]. TRAPP I binds vesicles derived from the endoplasmic reticulum bringing them closer to the acceptor membrane. Trs120 is a subunit specific to the TRAPP II complex [PMID: 10727015] along with Trs65p and Trs130p(TRAPPC10). It is suggested that Trs120p is required for the stability of the Trs130p subunit, suggesting that these two proteins might interact in some way [PMID: 17041589]. It is likely that there is a complex function for TRAPP II in multiple pathways [PMID: 18801063].

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