Rad9-like Rad53-binding domain, fungi (IPR013914)

Short name: Rad9_Rad53-bd_dom_fun

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This entry represents a Rad53 binding domain (tudor domain) from yeast Rad9. In Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Baker s yeast), Rad9 is a key adaptor protein in DNA damage checkpoint pathways. DNA damage induces Rad9 phosphorylation and promotes the interaction between Rad9 and phosphorylated Rad53 [PMID: 9755168]. This interaction is achieved through the Rad53 binding domain from Rad9 and the FHA domains from Rad53 (IPR000253) [PMID: 10518219]. Confusingly, there is another Rad9 protein found in fission yeast and other eukaryotes (which is known as Ddc1 in budding yeast) that is also involved in DNA repair. However, these proteins are not related to the Rad9 proteins covered by this entry.

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