YAP-binding/ALF4/Glomulin (IPR013877)

Short name: YAP-bd/ALF4/Glomulin

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Family relationships


This entry contains a number of protein families with apparently unrelated functions. The yeast YAP binding proteins are stress response and redox homeostasis proteins, induced by hydrogen peroxide or induced in response to alkylating agent methyl methanesulphonate (MMS) [PMID: 12743123, PMID: 9990050]. Aberrant root formation protein 4 (ALF4) of Arabidopsis thaliana (Mouse-ear cress),is required for the initiation of lateral roots independent from auxin signalling. It may also function in maintaining the pericycle in the mitotically competent state needed for lateral root formation [PMID: 14731255]. Glomulin (FAP68) is essential for normal development of the vasculature and may represent a naturally occurring ligand of the immunophilins FKBP59 and FKBP12 [PMID: 11571281, PMID: 12604780].

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