Formiminotransferase, C-terminal subdomain (IPR013802)

Short name: Formiminotransferase_C

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The formiminotransferase (FT) domain of formiminotransferase-cyclodeaminase (FTCD) forms a homodimer, with each protomer being comprised of two subdomains. The formiminotransferase domain has an N-terminal subdomain that is made up of a six-stranded mixed beta-pleated sheet and five alpha helices, which are arranged on the external surface of the beta sheet. This, in turn, faces the beta-sheet of the C-terminal subdomain to form a double beta-sheet layer. The two subdomains are separated by a short linker sequence, which is not thought to be any more flexible than the remainder of the molecule. The substrate is predicted to form a number of contacts with residues found in both the N-terminal and C-terminal subdomains [PMID: 10673422]. In humans, deficiency of this enzyme results in a disease phenotype [PMID: 12815595].

This entry represents the C-terminal subdomain of the formiminotransferase domain.

GO terms

Biological Process

No terms assigned in this category.

Molecular Function

GO:0005542 folic acid binding
GO:0016740 transferase activity

Cellular Component

No terms assigned in this category.

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