GIT, Spa2 homology (SHD) domain (IPR013724)

Short name: GIT_SHD

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This entry represents the Spa2 homology domain (SHD) domain found in the yeast Spa2/Sph1 protein and the mammalian GIT proteins.

Budding yeast Spa2 is a component of the polarisome that functions in actin cytoskeletal organisation during polarized growth [PMID: 12361575]. Its paralogue, Sph1, is involved in shmoo formation and bipolar bud site selection [PMID: 9443897].

GIT is a GTPase-activating protein for the ADP ribosylation factor family. It may serve as a scaffold to bring together molecules to form signaling modules controlling vesicle trafficking, adhesion and cytoskeletal organisation [PMID: 11896197]. Mutations in the Spa2 homology domain (SHD) domain of GIT1 described here interfere with the association of GIT1 with Piccolo, beta-PIX, and focal adhesion kinase [PMID: 12473661].

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