Baculovirus Vp91, capsid protein, N-terminal (IPR013682)

Short name: BaculoV_Vp91_N

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This domain is a C2HC BV-type zinc finger found at the N terminus of the viral capsid protein 91 (VP91) from baculoviruses such as nucleopolyhedrovirus [PMID: 11602755]. Vp91 plays multiple roles in the baculovirus life cycle and is essential for nucleocapsid assembly and for efficient establishment of per os infection. It contains a C2HC zinc finger with the consensus sequence C-x(5)- C-x(n)-H-x(6)-C. The C2HC BV-type zinc finger may perform a pivotal role in the association of Vp91 with other per os infectivity factors (PIFs) [PMID: 23864639].

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