RAP domain (IPR013584)

Short name: RAP

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The ~60-residue RAP (an acronym for RNA-binding domain abundant in Apicomplexans) domain is found in various proteins in eukaryotes. It is particularly abundant in apicomplexans and might mediate a range of cellular functions through its potential interactions with RNA [PMID: 15501674].

The RAP domain consists of multiple blocks of charged and aromatics residues and is predicted to be composed of alpha helical and beta strand structures. Two predicted loop regions that are dominated by glycine and tryptophan residues are found before and after the central beta sheet [PMID: 15501674].

Some proteins known to contain a RAP domain are listed below:

  • Human hypothetical protein MGC5297,
  • Mammalian FAST kinase domain-containing proteins (FASTKDs),
  • Chlamydomonas reinhardtii chloroplastic trans-splicing factor Raa3.

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