WLM domain (IPR013536)

Short name: WLM_dom

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The WLM (WSS1-like metalloprotease) domain is a globular domain related to the zincin-like superfamily of Zn-dependent peptidase. Since the WLM domain contains all known active site residues of zincins, it is predicted to be a catalytically active peptidase domain. The WLM domain is a eukaryotic domain represented in plants, fungi, Plasmodium, and kinetoplastids. By contrast, it is absent in animals, Cryptosporidium, and Microsporidia, suggesting that it has been lost on multiple occasions during the evolution of eukaryotes. The WLM domain is found either in stand-alone form or in association with other domains such as the RanBP2 zinc finger , the ubiquitin domain, or the PUB/PUG domain. This domain could function as a specific de-SUMOylating domain of distinct protein complexes in the nucleus and the cytoplasm [PMID: 15483401].

It has been suggested to form a segregated alpha/beta structure with eight helices and five strands. Proteins containign this domain include yeast WSS1 (a weak suppressor of the Ub-related protein SMT3), and various putative metalloproteases from plant and fungal species.

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