Cell division protein FtsW (IPR013437)

Short name: FtsW

Family relationships


FtsW is an integral membrane protein with ten transmembrane segments [PMID: 15576787]. In general, it is one of two paralogs involved in peptidoglycan biosynthesis, the other being RodA, and is essential for cell division. The FtsW designation is not used in endospore-forming bacteria (e.g. Bacillus subtilis), where these proteins are designated SpoVE, and three or more RodA/FtsW/SpoVE family paralogs are present. SpoVE acts in spore cortex formation and is dispensable for growth. Biological roles for FtsW in cell division include recruitment of penicillin-binding protein 3 to the division site.

GO terms

Biological Process

GO:0051301 cell division
GO:0009252 peptidoglycan biosynthetic process

Molecular Function

No terms assigned in this category.

Cellular Component

GO:0016021 integral component of membrane

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