Type IV pilus secretin PilQ (IPR013355)

Short name: Pilus_4_PilQ

Overlapping homologous superfamilies


Family relationships


A number of proteins homologous to PilQ are involved in type IV pilus formation, competence for transformation, type III secretion, and type II secretion (also referred to as the main terminal branch of the general secretion pathway). Members of this family include PilQ itself, which is a component of the type IV pilus structure, from a number of species. In Haemophilus influenzae, the member of this family ComE is associated with the uptake of exogenous DNA, rather than with formation of a type IV pilus [PMID: 10547691]. HofQ from E. coli is also a member of this group involved in DNA uptake; in this case exogenous DNA is used as a nutrient source [PMID: 16707682].

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