Spc7 kinetochore protein domain (IPR013253)

Short name: Spc7_domain

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This domain is found in cell division proteins which are required for kinetochore-spindle association [PMID: 15371542]. Proteins containing this domain include budding yeast Spc105 and fission yeast Spc7.

Spc7 is a component of the NMS (Ndc80-MIND-Spc7) super complex, which has a role in kinetochore function during late meiotic prophase and throughout the mitotic cell cycle [PMID: 22711988]. Spc105 and Kre28 forms a kinetochore complex, which is required for kinetochore binding by a discrete subset of kMAPs (BIM1, BIK1 and SLK19) and motors (CIN8, KAR3) [PMID: 19893618].

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