Glycosyl hydrolase family 98, putative carbohydrate-binding module (IPR013222)

Short name: Glyco_hyd_98_carb-bd

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This entry represents a putative carbohydrate binding module (NPCBM) domain found at the N terminus of glycosyl hydrolase family 98 proteins [PMID: 16212961].

Proteins containing this domain include CpGH98 from C. perfringens. It specifically hydrolyses fucose-containing trisaccharides from the glycotopes of blood groups A and B and is implicated for the infectivity and virulence of this pathogen [PMID: 15618227]. CpGH98 has a central TIM barrel catalytic domain, in which putative catalytic residues may be tentatively identified, and an N-terminal novel putative carbohydrate binding module (NPCBM) [PMID: 15618227].

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