Cathepsin propeptide inhibitor domain (I29) (IPR013201)

Short name: Prot_inhib_I29

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This entry represents a peptidase inhibitor domain, which belongs to MEROPS peptidase inhibitor family I29. The domain is also found at the N terminus of a variety of peptidase precursors that belong to MEROPS peptidase subfamily C1A; these include cathepsin L, papain, and procaricain (P10056) [PMID: 8939744]. It forms an alpha-helical domain that runs through the substrate-binding site, preventing access. Removal of this region by proteolytic cleavage results in activation of the enzyme. This domain is also found, in one or more copies, in a variety of cysteine peptidase inhibitors such as salarin [PMID: 14505823].

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