mRNA splicing factor Cwf21 domain (IPR013170)

Short name: mRNA_splic_Cwf21_dom

Domain relationships



The cwf21 domain is found in proteins involved in mRNA splicing. Proteins containing this domain have been isolated as a subcomplex of the splicosome in Schizosaccharomyces pombe (Fission yeast) [PMID: 11884590]. In yeast, this domain binds the protein Prp8p [PMID: 19854871], a large and highly conserved U5 snRNP protein which has been proposed as a protein cofactor at the spliceosomal catalytic centre [PMID: 11017191].

The cwf21 domain is found in, amongst others, the small Cwc21p protein in yeast as well as in the much larger human ortholog SRm300 (serine/arginine repetitive matrix protein).

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