Domain of unknown function DUF933 (IPR013029)

Short name: DUF933

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This domain is found at the C terminus of family of conserved hypothetical proteins found in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. While the function of these proteins is not known, the crystal structure of P44681 from Haemophilus influenzae has been determined [PMID: 12837776]. This protein consists of three domains: an N-terminal domain which has a mononucleotide binding fold typical for the P-loop NTPases, a central domain which forms an alpha-helical coiled coil, and this C-terminal domain which is composed of a six-stranded half-barrel curved around an alpha helix. The central domain and this domain are topologically similar to RNA-binding proteins, while the N-terminal region contains the features typical of GTP-dependent molecular switches. The purified protein was capable of binding both double-stranded nucleic acid and GTP. It was suggested, therefore, that this protein might be part of a nucleoprotein complex and could function as a GTP-dependent translation factor.

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