PIH1 domain (IPR012981)

Short name: PIH1_dom

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Proteins containing the PIH1 domain include kintoun, Saccharomyces cerevisiae PIH1 (protein interacting with Hsp90 1, also known as Nop17) and PIH1 domain-containing proteins.

Kintoun is required for cytoplasmic pre-assembly of axonemal dyneins, thereby playing a central role in motility in cilia and flagella. It involved in pre-assembly of dynein arm complexes in the cytoplasm before intraflagellar transport loads them for the ciliary compartment [PMID: 19052621].

PIH1 is a component of the conserved R2TP complex (Rvb1-Rvb2-Tah1-Pih1), which interacts with Hsp90 to mediate assembly large protein complexes such as box C/D snoRNPs and RNA polymerase II [PMID: 18268103]. PTH1 is also involved in pre-rRNA processing and required for the NOP58-snoRNA interaction [PMID: 15670595].

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