PIH1 family (IPR012981)

Short name: PIH1

Family relationships


Proteins in this family contain PIH1 domains. This family consists of the kintoun, Saccharomyces cerevisiae PIH1 (protein interacting with Hsp90 1, also known as Nop17) and PIH1 domain-containing proteins.

Kintoun is required for cytoplasmic pre-assembly of axonemal dyneins, thereby playing a central role in motility in cilia and flagella. It involved in pre-assembly of dynein arm complexes in the cytoplasm before intraflagellar transport loads them for the ciliary compartment [PMID: 19052621].

PIH1 is a component of the conserved R2TP complex (Rvb1-Rvb2-Tah1-Pih1), which interacts with Hsp90 to mediate assembly large protein complexes such as box C/D snoRNPs and RNA polymerase II [PMID: 18268103]. PTH1 is also involved in pre-rRNA processing and required for the NOP58-snoRNA interaction [PMID: 15670595].

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