NOPS (IPR012975)

Short name: NOPS

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This domain is found in the DBHS (Drosophila behavior human splicing) family members. It is C-terminal to the RNA recognition motifs (RRMs).

DBHS (Drosophila behavior human splicing) family are characterised by a core domain arrangement consisting of tandem RNA recognition motifs (RRMs), a conserved intervening sequence referred to as a NONA/ParaSpeckle (NOPS) domain, and a ~100 amino acid coiled-coil domain. Its members include p54nrb (also known as NONO), PTB-associated splicing factor/splicing factor proline-glutamine rich (PSF or SFPQ) and PSPC1 (paraspeckle protein component 1). They are found in the nucleoplasm and can be triggered by binding to local high concentrations of various nucleic acids to form microscopically visible nuclear bodies, paraspeckles or large complexes such as DNA repair foci. They may also function cytoplasmically and on the cell surface in defined cell types. All three DBHS proteins are conserved throughout vertebrate species, while flies, worms, and yeast express a single DBHS protein [PMID: 25832716, PMID: 27084935].

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