CHD, C-terminal 2 (IPR012957)

Short name: CHD_C2

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This entry represents the C-terminal domain of CHD (Chromodomain, Helicase, DNA-binding) proteins. CHD3 and CHD4 belong to the class II subfamily of CHD ATPases, and each is present as a core catalytic subunit in separate NuRD complexes, which regulate chromatin organisation and gene transcription [PMID: 23340908]. CHD5 forms a NuRD-type chromatin remodeling complex and acts as a tumour suppressor [PMID: 24419087].

There are nine members of the Chromodomain, Helicase, DNA-binding (CHD) family. They are characterised by two chromodomains arranged in tandem, N-terminal to the ATPase/helicase domain. Chromodomains are comprised of a beta-sheet folded against an alpha-helix that collectively mediates binding to methyl-lysine residues [PMID: 23954449].

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