Tubulin binding cofactor C-like domain (IPR012945)

Short name: Tubulin-bd_cofactor_C_dom

Domain relationships



This domain is found in tubulin-binding cofactor C (or tubulin-specific chaperone C) (TBCC) and in protein XRP2. TBCC is a folding cofactor that participates in tubulin biogenesis along with the other tubulin folding cofactors A (TBCA), B (TBCB), E (TBCE) and D (TBCD), as well as the GTP-binding protein Arl2 [PMID: 17184771, PMID: 12225668]. XRP2 is a GTPase-activating protein (GAP) involved in intracellular trafficking [PMID: 18376416].

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