Sensitivity To Red Light Reduced-like, SRR1 (IPR012942)

Short name: SRR1-like

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This entry represents a domain found in the plant Sensitivity To Red Light Reduced proteins (SRR1) and yeast SRR1-like protein Ber1.

SRR1 are signalling proteins thought to be involved in regulating the circadian clock input pathway, which is required for normal oscillator function. In Arabidopsis thaliana it regulates the expression of clock-regulated genes such as CCA1 and TOC1. It is also involved in both the phytochrome B (PHYB) and PHYB-independent signaling pathways [PMID: 12533513].

Ber1 is involved in microtubule stability in yeast [PMID: 18064466].

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