ShET2 enterotoxin, N-terminal (IPR012927)

Short name: Toxin_15_N

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This domain is present in the N-terminal region of the ShET2 enterotoxin produced by Shigella flexneri (Q47635) and Escherichia coli (Q47634). This protein was found to confer toxigenicity in Ussing chamber assays, and the N-terminal region was found to be important for its enterotoxic effect. It is thought to be a hydrophobic protein that forms inclusion bodies within the bacterial cell, and may be secreted by the Mxi system [PMID: 7591128]. Most proteins containing this domain are annotated as putative enterotoxins, but one member (Q8X606) is a regulator of acetyl CoA synthetase, and another two members (P76205 and P23325) are annotated as ankyrin-like regulatory proteins and contain Ank repeats (IPR002110).

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