G-box binding protein, multifunctional mosaic region (IPR012900)

Short name: MFMR

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This region is often found to the N terminus of the basic-leucine zipper domain (IPR004827). It is between 150 and 200 amino acids in length. The N-terminal half of this domain is rich in proline residues and has been termed the PRD (proline rich domain) [PMID: 11722549], whereas the C-terminal half is more polar and has been called the MFMR (multifunctional mosaic region). According to their motif composition, proteins containing this domain can be classified into three sub-families called A, B and C [PMID: 8127687]. It has been suggested that some of these motifs may be involved in mediating protein-protein interactions [PMID: 8127687]. The MFMR region contains a nuclear localisation signal in bZIP opaque and GBF-2 [PMID: 11722549]. The MFMR also contains a transregulatory activity in TAF-1. The MFMR in CPRF-2 contains cytoplasmic retention signals [PMID: 11722549].

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