Abl-interactor, homeo-domain homologous domain (IPR012849)

Short name: Abl-interactor_HHR_dom

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The region is found towards the N terminus of a number of adaptor proteins that interact with Abl-family tyrosine kinases [PMID: 12011975]. More specifically, it is termed the homeo-domain homologous region (HHR), as it is similar to the DNA-binding region of homeo-domain proteins [PMID: 7590236]. Other homeo-domain proteins have been implicated in specifying positional information during embryonic development, and in the regulation of the expression of cell-type specific genes [PMID: 7590236]. The Abl-interactor proteins are thought to coordinate the cytoplasmic and nuclear functions of the Abl-family kinases, and seem to be involved in cytoskeletal reorganisation, but their precise role remains unclear [PMID: 12011975].

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