Thiamine biosynthesis protein ThiF (IPR012729)

Short name: ThiF_fam2

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Members of the HesA/MoeB/ThiF family of proteins (IPR000594) include a number of members encoded in the midst of thiamine biosynthetic operons. This mix of known and putative ThiF proteins shows a deep split in phylogenetic trees. The Escherichia coli ThiF and MoeB proteins are seemingly more closely related than the E. coli ThiF and Campylobacter (for example) ThiF. This entry represents the divergent clade of putative ThiF proteins as found in Campylobacter.

Members of this family are members of the superfamily of activating enzymes (E1) of the ubiquitin-like proteins [PMID: 12660720]. The exact function of this family is unknown.

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