WAPL domain (IPR012502)

Short name: WAPL_dom

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The D. melanogaster WAPL protein regulates heterochromatin structure [PMID: 10747063]. It is required to hold sister chromatids of meiotic heterochromatin together and is implicated in both heterochromatin pairing during female meiosis and the modulation of position-effect variegation (PEV). Although the high-sequence conservation is limited to a third of the protein sequence, a WAPL homologue has been identified in mammals. Mammalian WAPL may play a significant role in meiosis as does the Drosophila one. Human WAPL is overexpressed in invasive human cervical cancers and is often associated with cervical carcinogenesis [PMID: 15150110, PMID: 15620708].

This entry represents a domain found in the WAPL proteins.

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