Homologous Superfamily

Ferritin-like (IPR012347)

Short name: Ferritin-like

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This entry represents ferritin and structurally related proteins. Ferritin is a major non-haem iron storage protein in animal, plants and microorganisms [PMID: 15222465]. Iron is required by most organisms, but is potentially toxic due to its reactivity, which is counteracted by sequestering it into ferritin. Ferritin consists of a 4-helical bundle core, and contains a bimetal-ion centre in the middle of the bundle. Other proteins with this structure include: haem-containing bacteriferritins; rubrerythrin, which appears to have a role in anaerobic detoxification pathway for reactive oxygen species [PMID: 15547260]; Dps (DNA-binding proteins from starved cells) used in bacteria for iron storage-detoxification; and CRD1 (AcsF), which is required for the maintenance of photosystem I [PMID: 10811605].

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