AB hydrolase 4 family (IPR012020)

Short name: ABHD4

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This entry represents a group of abhydrolase domain-containing proteins, including mammalian ABHD1/2/3/15 and budding yeast Eht1, Eeb1 and YMR210W.

Human ABHD3 is a phospholipase that may play a role in phospholipids remodeling. It may selectively cleave myristate (C14)-containing phosphatidylcholines through its predominant phospholipase 1 activity, cleaving preferentially acyl groups in sn1 position [PMID: 21926997]. Mouse ABHD2 may play a role in smooth muscle cells migration [PMID: 15721306].

Yeast Eht1 and its paralogue, Eeb1, are Acyl-coenzymeA:ethanol O-acyltransferases involved in medium-chain fatty acid ethyl ester biosynthesis during fermentation [PMID: 16361250]. YMR210W does not seem to play an important role in medium-chain fatty acid ethyl ester formation [PMID: 16361250].

This entry also includes bacterial putative esterases, such as yheT from E. coli.

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