BTB/Kelch-associated (IPR011705)

Short name: BACK

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This domain is found associated with (IPR000210) and (IPR006652). BTB (broad-complex, tramtrack and bric a brac) is a Kelch related domain, also known as the POZ domain [PMID: 16207353]. BTB proteins are divided into subgroups depending on what domain lies at the C terminus. Despite the divergence in sequences, the BTB fold is highly conserved.

BTB-Kelch proteins have Kelch repeats that form a beta-propeller that can interact with actin filaments [PMID: 15544948]. BTB and C-terminal Kelch (BACK) together constitute a novel conserved domain, which is thought to have a possible role in substrate orientation in Cullin3-based E3 ligase complexes.

Four domains, namely the BTB domain, a kelch domain, a BACK domain, and an intervening region (IVR) make up the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR); a ligand-activated transcription factor [PMID: 16582008]. This entry represents the domain associated with BTB and Kelch.

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