Abortive infection system protein AbiD/AbiF-like (IPR011664)

Short name: Abi_system_AbiD/AbiF-like

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Bacteria have numerous mechanisms to resist bacteriophage infection. While most are based on preventing infection in the first place, the abortive infection (Abi) systems provide protection by the abortion of an existing phage infection [PMID: 20348932]. Typically, these Abi systems target a crucial step of phage multiplication such as replication, transcription or translation, and lead to the death of the infected cell.

These protein sequences, found in various bacterial species, are similar to those of the AbiD and AbiF proteins from Lactococcus species [PMID: 8534099, PMID: 7601848]. The proteins are thought to have helix-turn-helix motifs, found in many DNA-binding proteins, allowing them to perform their function [PMID: 7601849].

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