Alpha-2-macroglobulin, bait region domain (IPR011625)

Short name: A2M_N_BRD

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Alpha-2-macroglobulins (A2Ms) are plasma proteins that trap and inhibit a broad range of proteases and are major components of the eukaryotic innate immune system. However, A2M-like proteins were identified in pathogenically invasive bacteria and species that colonize higher eukaryotes. In human A2Ms, this domain encompasses macroglobulin-like domain MG5 and 6 including bait region. In Salmonella enterica ser A2Ms, this domain encompasses MG7 and MG8 including the bait region [PMID: 25221932, PMID: 22290936]. The Bait region is cleaved by proteases, followed by a large conformational change that blocks the target protease within a cage-like complex. This model of protease entrapment is recognised as the Venus flytrap mechanism [PMID: 25221932].

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