Pathways & interactions: Myc-type, basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) domain (IPR011598)


This entry has no pathways.


Proteins matching this entry have been experimentally proven to be involved in Protein:Protein interactions.

Protein in this entry Interacting partner IntAct ID Publication
Protein Short name Protein Short name
P22415 USF1_HUMAN Q15853 USF2_HUMAN EBI-9518693 PMID:14681455
P22415 USF1_HUMAN Q15853-1 Q15853-1 EBI-9515491 PMID:8576131
P26798 INO2_YEAST P13902 INO4_YEAST EBI-16407221 PMID:14681455
P28574 MAX_MOUSE P50538 MAD1_MOUSE EBI-10713317 PMID:14681455
P50538 MAD1_MOUSE P28574 MAX_MOUSE EBI-10713317 PMID:14681455
P61244 MAX_HUMAN Q05195 MAD1_HUMAN EBI-10713281 PMID:14681455
Q02363 ID2_HUMAN Q13563 PKD2_HUMAN EBI-9822415 PMID:16311606
Q05195 MAD1_HUMAN P61244 MAX_HUMAN EBI-10713281 PMID:14681455
Q14469 HES1_HUMAN Q96EB6 SIR1_HUMAN EBI-4424016 PMID:12535671
Q15853 USF2_HUMAN P22415 USF1_HUMAN EBI-9518693 PMID:14681455
Q15853 USF2_HUMAN P22415 USF1_HUMAN EBI-9515516 PMID:8576131
Q61069 USF1_MOUSE Q64705 USF2_MOUSE EBI-9519694 PMID:14681455
Q64705 USF2_MOUSE Q61069 USF1_MOUSE EBI-9519694 PMID:14681455
Q9NP71-1 Q9NP71-1 Q9UH92-1 Q9UH92-1 EBI-8870891 PMID:11230181
Q9NP71-1 Q9NP71-1 Q9UH92-2 Q9UH92-2 EBI-8870884 PMID:11230181
Q9NP71-1 Q9NP71-1 Q9UH92-3 Q9UH92-3 EBI-8870876 PMID:11230181