Pathways & interactions: Rel homology domain (RHD), DNA-binding domain (IPR011539)


This entry has no pathways.


Proteins matching this entry have been experimentally proven to be involved in Protein:Protein interactions.

Protein in this entry Interacting partner IntAct ID Publication
Protein Short name Protein Short name
D3DR86 D3DR86_HUMAN Q8N668 COMD1_HUMAN EBI-1550732 PMID:15799966
P19838-2 P19838-2 Q8N668 COMD1_HUMAN EBI-1550716 PMID:15799966
Q01201 RELB_HUMAN Q8N668 COMD1_HUMAN EBI-1550706 PMID:15799966
Q04206 TF65_HUMAN P19838 NFKB1_HUMAN EBI-1550577 PMID:15799966
Q04206 TF65_HUMAN P19838-2 P19838-2 EBI-1550577 PMID:15799966
Q04206 TF65_HUMAN P23396 RS3_HUMAN EBI-1566520 PMID:18045535
Q04206 TF65_HUMAN P25963 IKBA_HUMAN EBI-1550577 PMID:15799966
Q04206 TF65_HUMAN P30153 2AAA_HUMAN EBI-7997744 PMID:11591705
Q04206 TF65_HUMAN P67775 PP2AA_HUMAN EBI-7997744 PMID:11591705
Q04206 TF65_HUMAN Q8N668 COMD1_HUMAN EBI-1550667 PMID:15799966
Q04206 TF65_HUMAN Q8N668 COMD1_HUMAN EBI-1550577 PMID:15799966
Q04206 TF65_HUMAN Q9UBK9 UXT_HUMAN EBI-1544348 PMID:17620405
Q04206 TF65_HUMAN Q9UBK9 UXT_HUMAN EBI-1567027 PMID:17620405
Q04864 REL_HUMAN Q8N668 COMD1_HUMAN EBI-1550691 PMID:15799966
Q13469 NFAC2_HUMAN O15409 FOXP2_HUMAN EBI-983671 PMID:16873067
Q13469 NFAC2_HUMAN P01100 FOS_HUMAN EBI-11840849 PMID:14681455
Q13469 NFAC2_HUMAN P05412 JUN_HUMAN EBI-11840849 PMID:14681455
Q60591 NFAC2_MOUSE P01101 FOS_MOUSE EBI-12504941 PMID:14681455
Q60591 NFAC2_MOUSE P05627 JUN_MOUSE EBI-12504941 PMID:14681455