Nuclease-related domain, NERD (IPR011528)

Short name: NERD

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The nuclease-related domain (NERD) is found in a broad range of bacterial, as well as single archaeal and plant proteins. Most NERD-containing proteins have a single domain, sometimes with additional (predicted) transmembrane helices. In a few instances, proteins containing NERD domains have additional domains (mostly involved in DNA processing), such as the HRDC, the UvrD/REP helicase, the DNA-binding C4 zinc finger, or the serine/threonine and tyrosine protein kinases. In all cases in which a NERD domain is present in multidomain proteins, it is found at the N terminus. The NERD domain is predicted to function in DNA processing, and may have a nuclease function [PMID: 15055202].

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