Homologous Superfamily

Regulatory factor, effector binding domain superfamily (IPR011256)

Short name: Reg_factor_effector_dom_sf

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The effector domain is found in bacterial regulatory proteins, such as transcription factors. The effector domain consists of a duplication of a beta/alpha/beta(2) motif, where the antiparallel beta sheets form a barrel structure. Several proteins contain this domain, such as the multidrug-binding domain of the transcription factor BmrR, which transcriptionally regulates multidrug transporters as well as acting as a multidrug-binding protein [PMID: 12180910], the C-terminal domain of the Rob transcription factor, which belongs to the AraC/XylS protein family that regulate genes involved in resistace to antibiotics, organic solvents and heavy metals [PMID: 10802742], and the gyrase inhibitory protein GyrI (SbmC, TeeB), which is induced by DNA damaging agents to suppress cell proliferation by inhibiting bacterial gyrase activity [PMID: 11948793].

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